Your Instructors

Katie Leimkuehler

Katie Leimkuehler is the founder and CEO of Leimkuehler Media and an expert social media consultant and coach who advises and empowers business and individuals on the best social media strategies. She has more than eight years of experience coaching corporations and showing them how to implement a winning social media strategy by providing the tools and techniques to launch, grow and manage their social media presence. Katie was previously the Executive Vice President of Social Media at Calysto Communications and currently works as a Social Media Professor and Public Relations Professor at the University of Denver.

Lauren Razavi

Lauren Razavi is an award-winning freelance journalist who specialises in feature writing and foreign reporting. As a university student, she forged a path in freelance journalism, ultimately funding a Masters degree through her writing. She has contributed to a range of UK and US publications, including the Guardian, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, New Statesman and VICE. Lauren is an established lecturer in journalism, teaching courses for the Guardian and Launchpad, among others.

Nicholas Holmes

Nicholas Holmes is the Founder of and Learn With Launchpad. A former freelance journalist, Nicholas taught himself to code in 2012 and has subsequently grown to become the world's top journalism portfolio site. A former Googler, he's now a passionate advocate for all things digital media.